Women's hollow mechanical wristwatch

We have carefully created a fashionable and luxurious hollow-out watch for some women who like hollow-out watch series. The dial is made of copper inlaid stone dial, which decorates the watch more ingeniously and shows more aesthetic color under the light. The machine core is a homemade machine core, equipped with a tourbillon, which can precisely reduce the time error and feel the minuteness of every minute and second. We use a belt as a watch strap for this watch. The purpose is to lighten the weight of this watch and make it more comfortable and lightweight for you to wear.

Enhance aesthetic feeling

skeleton movement

Made of strap to reduce the weight of wrist watch


Spring bar and Buckle

Fixed strap


Made by bronze

Men's Stainless Steel Diving Watch

The watch is made of stainless steel. The dial is semi-blue and semi-red, which adds a little color and vitality to the watch. Dial glass is sapphire glass with convex mirror effect, so that each number is clearly visible. Unlike other watches, this watch has GMT and calendar window functions. It can see the time and date as soon as you raise your hand, which is convenient for wearers. The movement is Swiss movement , durable and practical.


Stainless steel、Sapphire glass、Five degree waterproof

Band and buckle

Stainless steel、butterfly buckle.


Stainless steel


Made by stainless steel

We have designed a children's hollow-out mechanical watch, which has a variety of colors to choose from. And this kind of children's hollow mechanical watch is very waterproof, and you don't have to worry about water will get in the watch in your daily. We use the leather as its watch strap to make it comfortable to wear. The cool hollow-out design is the best choice for children's watches.

Children's hollow mechanical watch


Miyota 8N40(Automatic)

Folding buckle

Use simple folding buckle, more convenient for children to use


Adding comfort to wear.

Case and glass

Case is stainless steel, glass is sapphire glass.