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Mechanial Watch Movements and Quartz Movements.
All too often, the heart of a watch – its movement – is overlooked. Yet a watch’s design is strongly influenced by the movement, including its functions and their arrangement on the dial.

                                   About MIYOTA

In the past 40 years, MIYOTA has provided high-quality watch movements for world-renowned watch manufacturers and watch brands. In 1959, Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. built a factory in Kita-machi, Kita-ku, Nagano-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. MIYOTA started its business and continued to research and develop.

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Swiss movement manufacturer ETA SA has been developing and producing calibres for the watch industry since 1793. This expertise laid the foundations for the emergence of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of watches and movements. From research and development to global service, every quartz and mechanical movement receives our utmost attention in terms of both materials and quality. Precision, reliability and level of performance are the key features of our products.