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Gerry Huang was born in Sichuan Province, China. He entered the watch industry at the age of 20 out of the passion for Watch. At the very beginning, he started from basic work and was intended to master all the processes of making watches in the watchmaking factory. Due to his talent, he soon worked as a Research and Development technician at the case factory. This experience allowed his talent of design to be realized, and he also had a deeper understanding of various forms of case and stainless steel bracelet.


As he loves to explore new things, he quit that job and was taken on as Purchasing Director in a listed company afterwards. This allows him to fully understand the prices and differences of many different raw materials, laying a solid foundation for future entrepreneurship.


Finally, in 2009, he and his brother co-founded the first company to make OEM production for famous watch brands. However, he found his business philosophy inconsistent with his brother’s after a period of joint operations. So three years later, he decided divestment to start a second company, which is the birth of Aiqier. Because of different experience from others, he particularly care about his employees and always puts their interests first. His business philosophy is to be extremely responsible for the clients, and always provide the best quality and service to the clients, which also deeply affects his staff.


Under the leadership of such a leader with great wisdom, Aiqier becomes a powerful newcomer in the industry.


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